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S-Type double bolt clamp with its strong welded clamping brackets is designed to provide excellent sealing and high clamping force.

The clamp has 2 high strength grade 8.8 Hexagonal head bolts making it easy to tighten and loosen the clamp with ordinary tools on prefixed pipes & fittings, while the double bolts provide the clamp a higher clamping force.

The “S/SP” type clamp with its smooth undersides rolled up band edges and uniquely designed bridges ensure optimal hose protection reducing risks of leakages

The clamp is also available in single bolt version however due to its popularity in applications of exceptionally high pressure it is recommended to use double bolt version.

Main applications: Ship manufacturing, locomotives, trucks, engine & machine manufacturing, irrigation systems, agricultural machinery, pumps & filters.

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S-Type Double Bolt Clamp Sizes
Model Dia Size
Band Width
Band Thickness
Bolt Size(MxP) *
Length (mm)
Packing / Box
N50/20 49-55 20 1 M8 x 40 50
N56/20 55-61 50
N62/20 61-67 50
N68/20 67-73 50
N74/20 73-79 50
N80/20 79-85 40
N86/20 85-91 40
N90/20 89-95 40
N92/20 91-97 40
N98/20 97-103 30
N90/25 89-99 25 1 M10 x 45 25
N104/25 103-113 25
N114/25 113-123 25
N120/25 119-129 25
N128/25 127-137 25
N138/25 137-147 25
N148/25 147-157 25
N158/25 157-167 20
N168/25 167-177 20
N178/25 177-187 20
N188/25 187-197 20
N198/25 197-208 15
N210/25 208-219 15
N230/25 228-239 15
N240/25 238-259 15
N250/25 248-259 15
Custom Sizes Available

Technical Drawing:

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Corrosion resistance
in salt spray testing
Mild Steel with Zinc Plated
Min 72 hours
Stainless Steel 304
Min 240 hours
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