Handgriffe für Schläuche
Poignée pour tuyau
Handgreep voor slang
Empuñadura para tubos
Impugnatura per flessibile
  • Material: Mild steel with Zinc Plating
  • Handles used to lift heavy hoses.
  • The handles are used along with Super clamps to clamp the hose to the handle making it easy to lift and move around.
  • Available in four different sizes for 4”, 5”, 6” and 8” hoses.
Handle for Hoses
Model Description Packing/Box
RH-4 Handle for 4" hose 25
RH-5 Handle for 5" hose 25
RH-6 Handle for 6" hose 20
RH-8 Handle for 8" hose 20
Note: Available in Custom Sizes On Special Request
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