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Whipcheck- Safety Cables
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A pressurized air hose in case of hose failure or accidental uncoupling could cause the hose assembly to whip violently due to the sudden release of energy. This could make the whipping hose lethal and create a potentially dangerous situation. In such a scenario Superex whipchecks ensure safety from injury and property damage. Whipchecks are safety cables made of corrosion resistant, high strength steel which on installation diverts strain on the coupling to the whipcheck. Installation of whipchecks is easy and requires no tools- the spring loaded loops of the whipcheck are opened and slipped over each hose providing a firm grip on the hose and avoiding it from whipping in case of accidents. Whipchecks are commonly used on hose for air, water blast, drilling, steam, concrete, sandblast or other high pressure applications.

Use of whipchecks has been made mandatory by Workers Compensation Boards, Bureau of Mines, OSHA and various other government bodies.

Versions Available
Standard style – Steel cable and aluminium ferrules.
C style – Steel cable and copper ferrules for offshore and Coal mining applications.
S style - Stainless steel cable and stainless steel ferrules for applications like petro-
chemical industry requiring high corrosion resistance.
Whipcheck- Safety Cables
Whipcheck- Safety

Whipcheck- Safety Cables Sizes
Model Description Max. Pressure Rating (PSI) Packing / Box
WH3 ⅛" Wire for hoses ½" to 1¼" 200 400
WH6 ¼" Wire for hoses 1½" to 3" 200 100
WH10 ⅜" Wire for hoses 4" 200 20
For copper ferrule and stainless steel style add C and S respectively to model e.g WH3C, WH3S
Note : Available in custom sizes on special request
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