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Rain Cap/ Exhaust Cap

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Exhaust caps go over exhaust stack or tail pipe and are designed to keep dirt, dust, rain and other foreign materials outside of exhaust pipes. The rain cap is attached to the end of the pipe and opens due to pressure from the exhaust discharge force. Ideal protection for farm tractors, lawn tractors, heavy construction cat and large generator motors.

Rain Cap Heavy Duty

Finish: Black powder coating

Cap mounted on Superex heavy duty clamp making it a very stable and strong rain cap.

Model Diameter (mm) Packaging/Box
40-43 EX 40 100
48-51 EX 48 100
60-63 EX 60 100
74-79 EX 74 60
80-85 EX 80 60
Note : Available in custom sizes on special request
Rain Cap-Heavy

Rain Cap Light

Finish: Mild steel with zinc plating

Weather cap used with screw. Easy to install and economical.

Model Diameter (mm) Packing/Box
Z-900.057 57 100
Z-900.083 83 100
Z-900.090 90 60
Z-900.110 110 60
Note : Available in custom sizes on special request

Rain Cap-Light

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